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Fort Royal Community Primary School

Play • Learn • Laugh • Succeed

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Voices and Visions

Fort Royal is a generic primary special school and nursery which opened in September 2007.


We believe that every child is an individual, and it is our job to ensure that each of our pupils flourishes, whatever their age or ability. We have an important job in supporting our children to begin to acquire knowledge and understanding and to discover a love of learning, so that they will continue to develop and gain skills and confidence as they move on to secondary schools and beyond.


We recognise and celebrate the children’s achievements, and provide exciting and diverse learning experiences, as well as giving opportunities to develop independence. We encourage the children to work and play alongside each other happily and harmoniously.


We feel that it is very important for school staff, other professionals who work in school and families to work together to support our children, and hope that we will build a strong and happy relationship while your child is with us. I look forward to welcoming you and your child into our school.

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