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9 Protected Characteristics



At Fort Royal School we are committed to ensuring all our students have equality of opportunity. The Equality Act became law in 2010 and this protects people from discrimination.


At Fort Royal School we want all our students to develop into students who are proud and respectful of themselves and each other regardless of their characteristics. We want our pupils to be able to celebrate and respect the diversity in our society and community.


There are nine characteristics outlined in the Equality Act 2010 which are:

1.    Age

2.    Gender

3.    Race

4.    Disability

5.    Religion or belief

6.    Sexual orientation

7.    Gender reassignment

8.    Marriage or civil partnerships

9.    Pregnancy and maternity

The 9 Protected Characteristics are actively promoted at Fort Royal through:


  • Our school ethos statements, SIP, and SEF
  • Our school core values: ‘play – learn – laugh - succeed ‘
  • Our school PSHECC, RSHE, safeguarding and behaviour policies
  • Conscious role modelling by all adults in the school community
  • Active engagement and communication with parents and carers
  • PSHECC based assemblies.
  • British Values themes for a day, week and term
  • Discussions within curriculum subjects leaders, taking a cross-curricular approach
  • Enrichment weeks
  • Festivals, e.g.: SEN dance festival, Literacy festivals
  • Lunch clubs to promote interests of our pupils
  • Individual sessions with ELSA teaching assistants to meet individual needs of pupils
  • Thrive sessions
  • Individual Physio sessions
  • Hullabaloo activities
  • RE festivals
  • Arts week
  • Outdoor learning sessions
  • And through Multisensory curriculum