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At Fort Royal we teach literacy skills in a range of ways. Through our curriculum and practice we strive to develop a culture of reading through the use of texts that demonstrate aspirational language and grammatical structure, that inspire and enthuse pupils and with themes that support our pupils to build links across the curriculum. All key stages focus on one ‘key text’ per half term. These texts are taught through a range of multi- sensory approaches that encourage practical application of reading to support the development of life skills. Throughout the half term children practise their writing and speaking and listening skills, focusing on activities related to the story. This is in line with expectations and the sequence of the National Curriculum.


At Fort Royal we believe that successful approaches to the teaching of reading should encourage pupils to use a variety of strategies in their pursuit of meaning and to ensure that all our pupils are provided with a rich and varied learning experience that aims to develop them as lifelong readers. At Fort Royal we see reading as a spectrum which enables our pupil’s to access reading at a level that is appropriate for them. Pupils participate in daily reading sessions which involve phonics (Letters and Sounds) and action words, shared storytelling, sensory and structured stories and opportunities to also develop communication and comprehension skills. We have created a culture of reading that ensures a love of reading extends beyond the classroom, developing curiosity and an eagerness for knowledge.

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