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E-Safety - Parents

This page is to help parents understand online safety for their child. It is very important that children are safe on the internet because they can be more vulnerable to malicious content. On this page you will find various documents that will give you more of an idea on how to keep your child safe on the internet.
Please take some time to look at the following documents. (Taken from National Online Safety: https://nationalonlinesafety.com/)

If your child likes to watch Youtube on a mobile device then we highly recommend that you make sure they are using the Youtube Kids application that is available on both iOS (iPads and iPhones) and Android (Samsung Tablets etc.) devices. This application will only present content that is considered child friendly. To get this you have to go onto the app store and download YouTube Kids.


If you are using YouTube on a computer then we recommend turning restricted mode on. To learn how to do this view the document below.

If your child uses an iPad, it might be worth turning on parental controls. This enables you to restrict certain things on the device. Along with this it also allows for enabling filters on safari. The iPad parental controls are quite extensive. To learn more about how to use these follow this link: iPad parental controls

Jessie & Friends 

What is it?

Jessie & Friends is a three-episode animated series which aims to equip 4-7 year olds with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to help them stay safe from sexual abuse and other risks they may encounter online.


Jessie & Friends follows the adventures of Jessie, Tia and Mo as they begin to navigate the online world. They learn that while the internet can be an exciting place where they can learn and have fun, sometimes they may encounter things online which make them feel worried, scared or sad.


To read more and see the video clips click here: Jessie and Friends Information