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Fort Royal Community Primary School

Play • Learn • Laugh • Succeed

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Visions and Values


Our Values … We believe that…


  • a total communication approach is vital to enable pupils to fulfil their potential
  • every person in school is valued, respected and celebrated for their individuality and the contribution they make.
  • the development of independence, self respect and autonomy is essential for a full and productive life.
  • respect for others, the development of trusting relationships and friendships is essential.
  • our learning environment is a safe, happy, positive, motivating, exciting and dynamic and also challenging enough to allow the development of the confidence to take  risks and learn from our mistakes.
  • the best outcomes for our pupils will be achieved if we work closely with and involve; our pupils, their families and other professionals.


Our Mission Statement … Our Core Purpose …


Play, Learn, Laugh, Succeed

  • Play: Developing Interaction and Social Skills for lifelong learning and living.
  • Learn: Developing Thinking and life Skills in a range of contexts, transferable across the curriculum and into daily life.
  • Laugh: Developing Communication & Interaction skills. We aim for our pupils to be competent communicators through whichever method best suits them. We also appreciate that everyone learns best when they are engaged and enjoying themselves.
  • Succeed: Achievement, Confidence and Independence: Providing and encouraging everyone with the opportunity to develop to their full potential in term of developing independence, autonomy and becoming resilient learners.



Our Vision … We want our school to…

  • be innovative with our curriculum, pedagogy, facilities, resources and environment.
  • continually extend  the skills, expertise  and knowledge base of all stakeholders to ensure we meet the  changing needs of pupils.
  • be a place that actively  develops relationships with all stakeholders and embeds their ideas into practice.
  • utilise new technologies  to ensure the best possible life chances and opportunities for all.
  • foster a culture of mutual respect and understanding with our diverse local and wider community.