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Fort Royal Community Primary School

Play • Learn • Laugh • Succeed

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At Fort Royal we provide a broad and balanced curriculum based on a thematic approach for all pupils which is underpinned by our core values and ethos play, learn, laugh, succeed. Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and is sequential in its design. This allows pupils to develop new knowledge and skills, build on what they already know and apply this in different contexts. We use a variety of teaching methods and pedagogical approaches to enable pupils to recall what they have learnt and to help them store information in their long term memory. We value all areas of learning and development and promote creativity, investigation and exploration throughout the curriculum. We provide all pupils with opportunities to develop their independence, confidence and to become resilient learners in order to prepare them for the next phase of their education.



  • to develop confidence and enthusiasm for learning
  • to become responsible citizens by appreciating the needs of others, taking responsibility for their behaviour and to be as independent as possible
  • To develop and build on knowledge and skills over time, to recall these, applying them across all areas of the curriculum, in their local community and in wider society
  • To develop effective communication skills
  • To have access to a structured, secure, caring and well-resourced learning environment: both inside and out which meets all the individual physical and developmental needs of the children
  • To create a partnership with parents to support and enhance the development of the children
  • To ensure that the school ethos of ‘Play, Learn, Laugh, Succeed’ is embedded within the curriculum and provision which is available to all children.