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Reading and Phonics

Reading and Phonics: 

We provide a range of reading experiences that include multi-sensory approaches and encourage practical application of reading to support the development of life skills. Pupils participate in daily reading sessions which involve phonics and action words, shared storytelling, sensory and structured stories and opportunities to also develop communication and comprehension skills.


We use Letters and Sounds as a basis for our phonics. This is published by the Department for Education and Skills (2007). The teaching of synthetic phonics continues throughout the school. Our programme is structured in such a way as to ensure the teaching of phonics is systematically delivered and that progress is built on from year to year. Children are taught a series of sounds and then apply these to a series of graded books before moving on to the next set of sounds. The sequence of teaching phonics follows the following format: Objectives, revisit and review, teach, practice, apply and assess and the daily planning followed is from Phonics Play. Alongside this we also use Action words which uses a multi-sensory approach to teach pupils to read, spell and understand high frequency words through pictures, actions and speech.


Please find below links to phonics resources that are used across school and pupils will be familiar with to support them at home: