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Santa Contributes Towards School Minibus

During December, Santa teamed up with Independent Fundraisers of Worcester to raise funds for Fort Royal Community Primary School. He and his helpers were in the Counting House entrance of Asda Worcester, offering sweets to passers by and children could have their photograph taken with the great man all free of charge. Over twenty tubs of sweets were given out mostly donated by Asda.

The people of Worcester showed their gratitude by placing donations into collection buckets and over the two weekends £1,563.29 was collected for the schools minibus appeal.

Margaret Jones, the school’s Grants & Fundraising Manager said “ We were both delighted and amazed by the amount raised, so much so we have been able to place our order for the minibus for delivery in May instead of the previously planned September”. She added “This will be the second of the two minibuses needed to replace the school’s existing buses that are well past their usefulness, d costly to run and maintain”.


The minibuses are supplied by Lords Taveners and are fully fitted out to meet the special needs of the children including wheelchair lifts. Without the minibuses the children would miss out on many life enhancing experiences such as swimming trips and horse riding.


The cheque was presented by Independent Fundraisers to three members of the School Council,  Bede Pattit, Harry Miller and Kelsey Homer.  Neil Smith of Independent Fundraisers said “We are really proud to be able to support the school where we have developed a long term relationship. The two new minibuses will make a massive difference by enhancing the learning experience through being able to get out to activities that would normally be prohibitive”