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Friends of Fort Royal

The Friends of Fort Royal is a Registered Charity (No.504033) raising funds to benefit the children at Fort Royal. The friends is much more than simply fundraising. The friends exist to provide closer links between home and school. It’s an excellent way of bringing staff, parents/carers and friends together socially in support of the school, working towards a common good.

Being a registered charity we have the benefit of being able to apply for gift aid, receive donations from local and national companies and able to apply for grant money from charitable trusts.



My role at the School is to try and make links with local charities, businesses and educational establishments. To work in partnership together and raise both awareness of and of course money for Fort Royal. I am happy to come out to groups and give a short presentation or informal chat to anyone that is interested in our school.


Our staff have a ‘wish list’ of items that the school would like to provide funding for. Sometimes these will be a result of the children’s asking for something in particular or resources to improve an area of the curriculum or school environment.  These ‘extras’ are not provided by the schools budget but help the children’s learning experience as good as we can make them!


         -Margaret Jones

🌟New for Easter 2021...please join in on our new virtual duck race!! Get quacking...


🎟tickets cost £3 or £2.50 if buying multiples. Businesses can buy a balloon for £10 and the first in wins an Easter hamper!

️Buy from: bit.ly/Fortroyalducks 

🦆Race starts on Saturday 3rd April and ends Sunday 4th April. 

📲track your duck; can you beat family members?

🎉winners are 1st (£50!) 2nd (champagne) 3rd place (giant Easter egg) and a special last place prize!

💡customise and name your balloon and a prize will also be given for the best one!

There is an extra donate button if you can help us to cover any race costs, also by using stripe processing every transaction incurs a small fee so the more ducks bought in one transaction the more money back into school! Please share with family and friends. 

🐤Thank you so much for your support...happy racing 💦

Want to help raise money? 

Friends of Fort Royal has an Easyfundraising page. Here you can create an account and raise money for the school. This works by collecting donations off participating websites when you do your online shopping. This is a simple way to raise money for the school, and it's free! This would be a great help for the Friends charity. To create an account and start raising money, for free, for the Friends of Fort Royal set up your account here: https://bit.ly/2G88TEm and turn on donation reminders. We are very grateful for every penny raised.


To learn more about Easyfundraising and how it works click here

Worcester Community Lottery.

Support our cause!

We have beaten our goal of 50 ticket sales! We have currently sold 53 tickets raising an amazing £1,653.00 a year. Can we get to 100?

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far and good luck in the first draw! 


To sign up and have a chance of winning click here! 50% of the money will go to the Friends charity and you will be in on the chance to win the top price of £25,000!