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Clerk to Governors

Job Title: Clerk to Governors Fort Royal Community Primary School


1 Key Purpose of Job


1.1 To provide effective administrative support and advice to the governing body.


2 Key Duties

2.1 Meetings


2.1.1 To work with the chair, headteacher (and other staff or governors as relevant) to prepare the agenda for meetings of the governing body and its committees; to produce, collate and distribute (in hard copy or electronically) the agenda and all supporting papers to governors at least seven days before each meeting.


2.1.2 To be responsible for organising the practical arrangements for each meeting, including room layout, equipment, refreshments or on-line arrangements as relevant.


2.1.3 To attend each governing body and committee meeting and take accurate notes, ensuring that confidential matters are recorded separately; to use the notes to prepare a first draft of minutes; to send a copy to the chair, and to the headteacher for information, within 10 working days of each meeting; to circulate (in hard copy or electronically) the draft minutes, as approved by the chair, with any additional documents to all governors within 15 working days of the meeting.


2.1.4 To record the attendance of governors at each meeting, and to ensure that all governors are aware in good time of future meeting dates and arrangements.


2.1.5 To contribute to maintaining and updating the governing body's annual cycle: the calendar of meetings of the governing body and its committees and agenda items.



2.2 Advice


2.2.1 To advise the governing body on procedures, governance legislation and other matters where necessary, before, during and after meetings.

To view the full job description and other relevant documents please see below.