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Hullabaloo Day! 

On Thursday 11th April we are having a Hullabaloo day to have an insight of Spanish life. Below are some resources you can use with your children to help them learn some Spanish words! 

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Snap,crackle and pop!

Super Stone    Age

To infinity and Beyond!

Sombreros and Salsa!

Ready Steady Cook

Swords, Shields and Chivalry


Key text:

Five minutes peace:

Jill Murphy

Key text:

Caveman Dave

Nick Sharatt

Key text:

Aliens Love Underpants: Claire Freedman and Ben Cort


Key test:

Off We Go To Mexico:

Laurie Krebs and Christopher Corr

Key test:

The Shopping Basket:

John Burlingham

Key test:

Arthur the King

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