Our Mission Statement

Play, Learn, Laugh, Succeed

Our Mission Statement

“To provide an environment where all can Play, Learn, Laugh & Succeed to their full potential”

This describes our core purpose and expresses what we are trying to achieve and so also indicates how we should organise and structure the school.

In terms of education objectives we see this as standing for the following:


Developing Interaction and Social Skills for lifelong learning and living.


Developing Thinking and life Skills in a range of contexts, transferable across the curriculum and into daily life.


Developing Communication & Interaction skills. We facilitating opportunities for children to communicate in their chosen method/s at all times: Fort Royal is a Total Communication school. We aim for our pupils to be competent communicators through whichever method best suits them.  We also appreciate that everyone learns best when they are engaged and enjoying themselves and each other.


Achievement, Confidence and Independence: Providing and encouraging everyone to develop at their full and given opportunity to reach their potential in terms of developing independence, autonomy and becoming resilient learners.

Play • Learn • Laugh • Succeed