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Lunchtime Supervisor

Conditions of Service:   NJC for Local Government Services

           7.5 hours 

           Term Time only

Point Range:                   6-13   



To support the ethos of the school and work supportively with the classroom teacher in their responsibility for the development and education process by providing care and supervision skills to children during the lunchtime period including those who have special physical, emotional and educational needs, by utilising a good standard of practical knowledge and skills.



Under the direction and control of the classroom teacher or designated supervisor:

  1. Supervise the activities of individuals or groups of children to ensure their safety and facilitate their physical and emotional development including:
  • General supervision, counselling and discipline of children and students, within the procedures of the school and/or service;
  • Assistance at an appropriate level with the provision of general care and welfare of children including:
  1. Assistance with the personal hygiene routine, e.g. toilet training, changing of incontinent children, dressing and undressing;
  2. The changing of soiled clothing including its disposal in an appropriate way;
  3. Assisting with children’s injuries and, if qualified, administering basic first aid;
  4. (following consultation and agreement) assisting in the administering of medicines under the direction of the appropriate medical staff;
  5. Assisting with the identification and monitoring of children’s general health and welfare.
  6. Assisting in the feeding and lunchtime supervision of pupils ( indoors and on the playground)
  • Promoting pupil independence in learning, and reinforcing the child(ren)’s self-esteem  through praise and encouragement;
  • Assisting with the provision of general care and welfare to pupils, being mindful of the need to maintain a safe environment at all times;
  • Adhering to and maintaining school routine and codes of conduct;
  • Ensuring that pupils are able to safely use equipment and materials provided and being aware of the range of resources available.


  1. Monitor individual pupils’ problems, progress, achievements and condition, and report these to the designated supervisor as appropriate:
  2. Actively engage in the pre-determined education activities and work programmes at a basic level and to assist in personal and individual development of individuals or groups of pupils including:
  • Carrying out appropriate activities as planned within the classroom or with groups of pupils;
  • Assistance with the physical manipulation of objects and equipment;
  • Helping the teacher with tasks;
  • Displaying and presenting children’s work;
  • Providing support for all curriculum areas;
  • Assisting the pupil to access the normal routines of the classroom.
  1. Work closely with the class teacher and other colleagues to support the administration and organisation of educational activities for individuals and groups of pupils;
  2. Maintain personal and professional development to meet the changing demands of the job, participate in appropriate training activities, and encourage an
  3. Be prepared to attend appropriate training.
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